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elprom flameproof motors ATEX    cemp flameproof motors ATEX by kMMp 
Elprom - Electric Motors
Flameproof Electric motors, die cast aluminium version to ATEX;II2G(D), IECex certified, EXD(e) IIB & IIC; T3 – T6 in frame Sizes 56 -132. Std IP66. this lightweight, yet well-featured motor design is ideally suited to applications requiring weight saving eg. Air conditioning, Dosing pumps and Geared motor Flameproof area applications.

  Cemp - Electric Motors
Flameproof Electric motors, Cast iron version to ATEX and IECex,II2G (D) EXD(e) IIB & IIC, T3-T6 in frames 63-315. Special motor designs, integrated brake motors available. Cemp is recognized worldwide for a quality build.

fpm atb (F&G) flameproof motors ATEX    vem electric motors and generators 
ATB / FMP (former F&G) - Electric Motors 
Flameproof Electric motors, Cast Iron version to ATEX and IECeX,II2G (D) EXD(e) IIB & IIC, T3-T6 in frames 63-450. Special executions for most industries. German manufactured and world recognized.

  VEM - Electric Motors
Standard, explosion proof and customized solutions available from one of the largest manufacturers in Germany. Frames from 56-355, Slipring Motors available from 132-315,custom designed roller table motors for the Steel Industry, brake motors, marine duty
and motors for smoke and heat extraction are only some of what Vem has to offer.
aem electric motors and generators     
AEM - Electric Motors 
A leading German manufacturer of Synchronous and Asynchronous Generators and 3 phase LV,MV and HV electric motors. Available executions include slipring for cranes and hoists, marine, pulp and paper
and material handling. Motors and Generators manufactured to specific customer requirements. 

  Axial and Radial Forced Ventilation for Inverter and Vector Duty Motors 
KMMP is one of the leaders in manufacture and supply of Forced ventilation units in Europe. We produce both standard and customized units for virtually any IEC and NEMA frame brands worldwide.
Units features a wash-down rating of IP66 in frame sizes 56-450 with special fan design to significantly reduce noise levels.
All units are labeled UL/CSA.

radial fans from kMMp    AVTRON encoder 
Mistral Centrifugal Fans 
One of the best-known centrifugal fan manufacturers in Europe. Output values ranging from 50 m³/h to 68000 m³/h with pressures between 6 mm H2O and 1000 mm H2O (59 Pa - 17900 Pa).

  AVTRON Incremental encoders
KMMP are the official agents for the Avtron / Nidec encoder range in Europe. Renowned as the best encoder brand for highly abrasive conditions. Incremental encoders avail. In both optical & magnetic versions. IP ratings up to IP68 , Wide tolerance alleviates any high shock or vibration. Immune to dust ,dirt ,oil, water and condensate

    SCHORCH electric motors
kMMp - Components for IEC Electric Motor Manufacturers 
One of Europe’s leading suppliers of IEC  AC and DC components to the Electric Motor  Manufacturing Industry. Supply includes both cast Iron and aluminium housings, End shields, Stator/rotor packs, Terminal boxes
/ Boards, cooling Fans & Covers, Extruded aluminium sections in a range of designs. We also supply the Temporeti range of AC / DC disc brakes.  
  SCHORCH - Electric Motors
130 year renowned German manufacturer of LV,MV and HV machines in standard and flameproof versions. HV up to 25 MW, LV from 63-560 frame,IP23 to IP65,Exe, Exn and Exd executions, Motors for marine application meeting all worldwide Shipping Bureau Classifications. High Speed Machines to 15000 rpm and 500Kw.

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